Frequently asked questions

Should I trim my wicks?

Yes, to receive the best performance and even burn it is highly recommended to trim your wicks after each burn.

Do you ship Internationally?

Currently we do not, we only service within the US.

Will glass adhestion or frost marks effect my candle?

Unfortunatly, with Soy Candles (as well as others) you will get imperfections. Glass adhestion and frost mark come along with the territory from time to time... But the answer to your question is: No this will not effect the performance of your candle at all.

Are your candles made in the US?

Our candles are handpoured in the US. Quality products / ingrediance sorced in the US.

What are your wicks made of?

100% Cotton Wicks / Eco Friendly.

How long do your candles burn?

Or 8 oz. typically burn 35 - 40 hours and or 16 oz. 65 - 70 hours. Soy gives you an nice even burn and lasts longer then your typical paraffin candle.

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