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Groente- en fruitwinkel ’t Breusjterhöfke

Farm shop for all your fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and local products.Nowadays, potatoes are also grown and the business premises have been expanded to include a farm shop where their own fruit is mainly sold during the season. In addition, there is a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit and regional products.

Boerenenburen Maastricht oost

Maastricht East is located in the Theresia School. This is located on the Groene Loper, but is also accessible from Edisonstraat.


Chicks are cool and we love eggs! A job brings career; a farm life a life. Together with our 3 kids we run this chicken farm with arable farming in Eckelrade since 2004! Desired small scale with land-based livestock farming with natural mineral cycle optimally utilized!

De Poshoof

Organic production and making people aware of what they eat is the foundation of today's business. In addition to traditional arable crops such as potatoes, onions, chicory carrots, wheat and brewing barley, we also focus on the cultivation of unique loess asparagus.


de Bemelerhof, the place for fresh fruit, vegetables and artisanal products.

Boerenenburen Maastricht west

Buurderij Maastricht West; the new way of shopping! This Buurderij is now 3 years old.
There is one location in Maastricht West and one in Maastricht East. Their mission is simple: enabling a short food chain
This is better for the environment, healthier for the consumer and the farmer / producer receives a fair price.

Puurvandewall, Eckelrade

We farm organically from 1975. At first we only grew vegetables, now also apples, pears and other fruit, and we 'burn' traditional Limburg syrup in the traditional way.


LOCOtuinen Maastricht ensures a more sustainable and local food production.�The starting point here is Coproduction: participants become more connected with and influence on food production, because they also take responsibility for it.

koop lokaal is an intiviative of citizens to support local business in Maastricht. In our platform you can browse through our archive of local business and suppliers such as supermarkets, farmers, bakers to name but a few. We have zero financial transactions: that means we are a zero-budget, not for-profit initiative.

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