Gedeelde Weelde

Gedeelde Weelde

Gedeelde Weelde is a cooperative store with a wide range of biological, organic and local products.

The aim of the cooperative is to provide products and services to members and non-members based on its principles of earth care, people care and fair share (care for the earth, care for each other and fair sharing).�We feel connected to people and initiatives worldwide who also live and work from these values. The cooperative provides for the interests of its members by operating a food and food store jointly and for common account.�In addition to the flow of goods and money, this also includes the flow of knowledge and inspiration between producers, consumers and retailers.�Together we organize a chain based on food sovereignty: the right of people to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner in a food and agricultural system that they design themselves.


Petrus Regoutplein 2, 6211 XX, Maastricht

koop lokaal is an intiviative of citizens to support local business in Maastricht. In our platform you can browse through our archive of local business and suppliers such as supermarkets, farmers, bakers to name but a few. We have zero financial transactions: that means we are a zero-budget, not for-profit initiative.

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