LOCOtuinen Maastricht ensures a more sustainable and local food production.�The starting point here is Coproduction: participants become more connected with and influence on food production, because they also take responsibility for it.

At Locotuinen farmers and citizens work together on local, healthy and fair food: the starting point here is co-production: participants become more connected with the food production by partly taking responsibility for it.

Currently, Locotuinen offers these 3 options for customers: Vegetable Subscription, Floral Subscription and Trial Subscription


Oude Molenweg 36, 6227 XV, Maastricht

koop lokaal is an intiviative of citizens to support local business in Maastricht. In our platform you can browse through our archive of local business and suppliers such as supermarkets, farmers, bakers to name but a few. We have zero financial transactions: that means we are a zero-budget, not for-profit initiative.

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