Chicks are cool and we love eggs! A job brings career; a farm life a life. Together with our 3 kids we run this chicken farm with arable farming in Eckelrade since 2004! Desired small scale with land-based livestock farming with natural mineral cycle optimally utilized!

Mergelland Eggs are antibiotic-free , coccidiostats-free , fipronil free or free-range or indoor outlet . Our chickens pick up a versatile feed of grains and corn next to the grass from the meadow in the Mergelland with untreated beaks . Non-GMO feed . Together with the guaranteed freshness, you put a healthy, responsible regional product on the table. If you would like to know more about hens, eggs or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us. The Savelsbos is within easy reach. In the backyard the American cemetery of Margraten.In between are our fields where we grow wheat and corn, among other things.


Keerestraat 3, NJ 6251 Eckelrade

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