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In this page you can register as a volunteer or an expert volunteer. You can read here what .

Register as a volunteer or an expert volunteer:
There are 2 ways to support the local businesses of Maastricht and the koop lokaal initiative:
  1. General Volunteering: koop lokaal is a zero-budget, not for-profit initiative. This means that everything is being managed by volunteers. We need your help in communicating with various businesses and network, in administrating this platform, facilitating the support community and developing strategies to help local businesses during the ongoing crisis. 
  2. Expert Volunteering: koop lokaal offers a support community to local businesses. This community is composed of different businesses where they can share common issues and solutions, but also experts such as lawyers, advertisers (and more depending on the issues identified by participating local businesses. You can note your expertise in this form. We will then reach to you when local businesses need your support. Together we can overcame any crisis. Together, we can!

koop lokaal is an intiviative of citizens to support local business in Maastricht. In our platform you can browse through our archive of local business and suppliers such as supermarkets, farmers, bakers to name but a few. We have zero financial transactions: that means we are a zero-budget, not for-profit initiative.

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